Toys Toys Toys

I’ve come to realize that I get way too excited about the toys here in Dubai.

The toy stores are incredible. They play the best music (Disney soundtracks, of course) and the employees are all so cordial and friendly.

When I asked where I could find a bathroom to change my son’s diaper, the employee shrugged and said, “Just change him over there in the corner and throw the diaper outside in the trash.” I was surprised and didn’t feel too comfortable doing this so I walked out to find the bathroom anyway. As I was leaving, I noticed a woman take her daughter behind a toy house to change her diaper back there. She actually did it!

Honestly though, am I the only one who’s thought before, “I wish I could just change my kid right here and no one would judge me!” Well, here’s my big moment, and I’m not sure I can do it. Would you?

The toy stores are also crazy here cause they allow,  nay, ENCOURAGE kids to use their toys. They leave out scooters, skateboards, and ride-on toys and actually help the kids use the stuff. I was overwhelmed walking into a toy store here for the first time because of the kids zooming around the aisles. However this really only happens on the weekends. Weekdays are safe!


But of course the toys! The glorious, glorious toys.

I’m a little embarrassed because many of the photos I’ve taken these past 2 weeks have just been of toys. I just can’t resist. It amazes me to see Fisher Price toys with Arabic writing and cutesy children’s songs in Arabic. I just want to buy one for my son just to have it for my own entertainment! At least from the stores at The Dubai Mall, it’s pretty rare to find toys in a language other than English, but I’ve seen a few Arabic, French, and Spanish toys. When I do, I get so excited and the camera comes out.

IMG_3847 IMG_3846

]IMG_3845 IMG_3848

At The Dubai Mall (my favorite place, remember), there are really only 3 toy stores:

– The Early Education Centre

IMG_3192        IMG_3193

– Hamley’s The Finest Toy Shop in the World (this is actually what it’s called)

IMG_3415        IMG_3410

and… wait for it…

– The Toy Store

IMG_3872IMG_3471 IMG_3857

I’m not counting stores like Build-A-Bear, Sanrio, a few other random stores with toys and books (like the huge bookstore) and some comic book/collectible shops.

With a little one, it’s difficult to actually shop at the mall so we tend to spend a lot of time in these stores, but I’m loving every minute of it!

My husband happily posing with a Lego C-3PO while Micah doesn’t know how good he has it.

5 thoughts on “Toys Toys Toys

  1. Very informative but I don’t think I’d change my child’s diaper just anywhere, they need their privacy. The toy stores sound amazing! It’s great that the children get to try out the toys before a parent purchases them. Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes, even though the toy store was pretty empty at the time, I still didn’t feel comfortable changing him out in the open… and I don’t think Micah was too excited about the idea either! He knew something was up.

    1. The women’s restrooms that I’ve been in have 1 separate room for nursing and changing diapers, but it sucks because since there is only 1 room, there’s always a line. :/ The bathrooms have counters that are separated from the sinks too so sometimes Anthony and I just change him there too. The other day I changed Micah in a stall while he was standing up. Not pretty. -_-

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