A New Home

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, dealing with all of the craziness of finding an apartment since our 30 days at the Emirates Grand Hotel expired. The staff at the hotel were so friendly and cordial, and everyone happily greeted Micah whenever they saw him. Micah’s favorite person at the hotel was Saadiq, whose main job is to push the elevator buttons for guests. Saadiq was about a foot taller than Micah, and they would always high-five and hug whenever they saw each other. Micah even let Saadiq carry him from the elevator to the front door! Before we checked out, they took pictures together, and I’ll have to see if I can find a photo to post here. It was certainly the Suite Life of Micah Aguilar, but a hotel in the middle of bustling Downtown Dubai is not the place for a rambunctious toddler.

After some extensive searching, we choose to establish our home at The Greens, an apartment community that is known for being family and outdoor friendly. The Greens is filled with, well, greenery – tons of trees and grass for kids to run around on and a beautiful lake with walking paths around it. Also, just a few streets away, in walking distance, is a shopping center with a supermarket, dry cleaners, restaurants, book store,Β barbershop, and a beauty salon and nail place (the windows are all covered and state “Women Only” above the front doors). Plus they have a Marble Slab Creamery & Great American Cookies! Yum! There are lots of other stores too, and I felt right at home amongst my fellow “Greeners”! I just made up that term and I’m not sure if it works. πŸ™‚

We knew it would be a mission to completely furnish our own apartment, since everything we owned was either given away before we left California or put into storage.

But it was nothing a trip to Ikea wouldn’t solve!


All told, we spent probably under $2000 to completely furnish our apartment, including a queen size bed & mattress, bedding, dining table & chairs, a desk & desk chair, 2 shelves, lots of kitchen stuff, a welcome mat, kitchen rug, bathroom rug, toaster, TV stand, lamps, etc. We’re still finding that weΒ have to go shopping for random things that we forgot to purchase on our big shopping trip, like a laundry hamper and dish rack.

Now that we’re settled into our very own apartment here at The Greens, I have high hopes of us being happy here. All we have to do is walk around the corner from our building and there is a playground, gym, pool, and kiddie pool that Micah just loves. We also have a gated backyard for him to play too.

All that matters is that our son is happy.

If he’s good, then we’re living in a happy home.


The “featured image” for this post is a magnet gifted to me by my best friend Cindy. Love and miss her and the rest of my family & friends too! I always think of everyone when I see this magnet on my fridge. ❀


5 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Well uv sorted out the difficult part by finding a nice house and making it into a home. Dubai is laidback n relaxed. Its easy gettin used to the good life here. The difficult part begins when one fine day you go back to your native country.

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