Chicken Ramen and S’mores Pop Tarts

We got our first package from home! It took only FOUR days for our box to get here from Ontario, California. My in-laws mailed it on November 14th and we received it November 18th.


The box doesn’t look like much, but inside it holds tons of fantastic things from back home.

As you can see, Micah was just as excited as we were to open it!

IMG_4056Let’s flashback first to September 21, 2014, when we got to LAX and were checking in our luggage. I looked around and asked, “Where’s Micah’s suitcase?” Anthony & I were hardly surprised to realize that we forgot Micah’s adorable new Mickey Mouse suitcase at home. Yep, I packed the suitcase full of toys, books, and fun things for Micah to do on the plane, and we left it all at home. In the end, we were left with just the iPad and the in-seat TV to keep Micah entertained for the 15-hour flight, and our little champ did wonderfully. Not one tear or tantrum while we were in the air. However, his little suitcase of fun was still thousands of miles of away, so we were all so happy to finally be reunited with some of Micah’s favorite things.



We were reunited with the super cool sand that we bought for Micah to play with on the plane.


Also left behind in the Mickey suitcase was a CD case with all of Micah’s and my favorite movies. Micah started screaming with happiness when he saw his “Little Einsteins” movies! …  And I started screaming with happiness when I saw my “Steel Magnolias” DVD! ❤



I was so happy to see some S’mores Pop Tarts for me. Nom nom. IMG_4067

Some other things packed in our box:

  • Earrings (I left mine behind because I wasn’t sure if women really wore jewelry out here. Turns out they do. Beautiful, flashy stuff too!)
  • Socks for me and Micah
  • Sippy cups for Micah (only brought one with me cause I thought we could buy more out here, but I couldn’t find the ones that Micah liked)
  • A box of Pull-Ups (I left those behind too but need to start potty training Micah soon)
  • Dress shirts for Anthony to wear to work
  • Flash drives
  • Shoes for me and Micah (I left my Toms back home for some reason)
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF CHICKEN RAMEN (they have chicken ramen out here but it doesn’t taste the same)

IMG_4066We’re so grateful to Anthony’s mom and dad for sending us our first care package. It’s fantastic! You don’t realize the things that you really miss until they’re gone. Since we can’t have the people we miss shipped over in a box, these things will have to do. 🙂


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