Special Delivery

Just in time for Christmas, Anthony’s wonderful family and my beautiful friends sent us another amazing care package. How lucky are we to have such loving people send us sustenance and support from back home?

This time we got three big HEAVY boxes filled to the brim with things that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


My in laws sent me THREE BOXES of family size Cocoa Pebbles, since it’s my favorite cereal and it’s not sold out here. πŸ™‚ I also got some jewelry and fancy perfume, but it’s safe to say the Cocoa Pebbles are much more delicious.


Micah also got a few gifts from his Grandma and Grandpa, his great-grandma, his aunt and uncle, and our neighbors from back home.

He got some cozy pjs, silly alien slippers, and a few other toys that I can’t wait to see him open on Christmas.

My sister-in-law Kristina customized some stockings with our names. I cried. πŸ˜₯ I love them so much! You can see her handy work on the featured image of this post. Thanks also to my brother-in-law Robert who went down to Buffalo Wild Wings to get us bottles of our favorite sauces! Can’t wait to cook some authentic chicken wings with BWW sauce!

I was so touched to see that my best friends snuck in lots of treats for me for my birthday, which was on the 15th. Again, I started crying when I saw what they did:


My amazing friends Cindy, Shelly and Manar absolutely spoiled me with boxes and bags of Oreos, S’mores Pop Tarts, Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, and Flaming Hot Cheetos! Whew! I was so surprised, and I feel like I’ll never go hungry again… at least for the next couple of weeks. πŸ˜‰

Even those who aren’t able to send us packages should know that Anthony, Micah, and I are so grateful for simple emails, Facebook messages, blog responses, or Skype calls. Just being able to see people and catch up really makes us feel like home isn’t so far away.

It’s hard being away from everyoneΒ for the holidays, but we’re lucky that we at least have each other.

I’ll post again to let everyone know how our Christmas went. We have big plans! Stay tuned, and thank you again to our family & friends! ❀


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