What I Miss About California

With our plane tickets to California in hand, Anthony & I can’t help but miss pretty much everything about being back home. These are some things that I can’t stop wishing for…

The Food

This has to be first, because it just might be the thing we miss most. I mean, you can’t Skype with a Double Double from In – N – Out. A carne asada burrito from King Taco can’t write you messages on Facebook.

Anthony & I already decided when we get off the plane at LAX, the first place we’re going to  is In – N  – Out, where I will order a Double Double (a double cheeseburger), Animal Style fries (french fries topped with Thousand Island dressing, grilled onions, and cheese), and a frosty Coke. See the big photo at the top of this post. You get the picture. It makes me cry.

8574784261_9ec4f3e421As can be imagined, it’s difficult to find good Mexican food out here. We miss the authentic carne asada, rice, beans, tortas, tamales, etc. that we took for granted back home! King Taco, how I miss you. Can’t wait to eat a carne asada burrito with red salsa on the side (otherwise known as the spiciest salsa I’ve ever had). It’s perfection.

I love cooking, and I cook a majority of our meals, but some of the food here just tastes so different that it doesn’t cut it. Chicken tastes the same and I can still do fantastic things with it… like right now I have some green chicken enchiladas in the oven which Anthony calls “the best enchiladas he’s ever had.” The bacon still tastes incredible, even though we have to buy it in a separate room in the grocery store called “Pork for Non-Muslims.” It’s still good ole Farmer John! But red meat is a totally different story. We’re so used to that USDA meat that everything else needs getting used to. I’m not saying it tastes BAD… just different.

Even cookies like Oreos taste different and we have to make sure that our chips say “Export” on the bag or else we’ll cry when we see it’s something completely different from what we get at home.

Food is something that goes beyond just ordering/cooking/eating… it’s an experience. Not only do we miss the food, but the memories that go with it.

The Weather

The only time I’ve worn a sweater here is indoors because the air conditioner is too cold. I miss seasons. Southern California is mostly sunny the entire year, but we still have a few weeks of delicious crisp autumn weather or cozy, chilly winter days… I miss that. I miss wearing pants with boots and wearing my hair down as a way to keep my ears warm.

Being a California girl, I love the sun and can handle hot weather, and Dubai winters are filled with that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss being cold other times than inside our apartment.


I posted a random (pretty much wordless) blog about this a couple of months ago too.

The Driving

Before we moved, Anthony & both sold our cars. It was my first car, and I was sad to sell it, but it had to be done.

Now I miss driving! I miss my car.

Ugh, and these freeways in Dubai:


They’re terribly confusing and have about 100 too many roundabouts. If you miss your exit, be prepared to go about 20 minutes out of your way to backtrack on the freeway. Back home, most of the time your next exit is just a couple of miles away. And then the next freeway entrance is right there. As if the confusing streets aren’t enough, too many people in Dubai drive like maniacs. You know if you go to LA, people drive crazy. You just deal with it when you have to go into the city. But here, everyone drives like LA drivers, if not worse! People have no problem driving on the shoulders to get around traffic. They flash their headlights at you to get out of their way and children don’t have to wear seat belts.

I have no desire to drive here in Dubai! But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.

By the way, one of the biggest misconceptions about Dubai is that women can’t drive or need written permission from their husband at all times if they do drive. This isn’t true. There is no law here that does not grant women the right to drive. In our neighboring country Saudi Arabia, however, that’s a different story. Women aren’t allowed to drive there. I can get a driver’s license out here, but, yes, I would need my husband’s signature on paperwork simply because he is sponsoring my UAE visa. Technically speaking, he’s accountable for me and any of my actions I do here. In the same way, since Anthony is here on a visa sponsorship from his company, he needed to get permission from his work in order to have a driver’s license. It’s all about accountability here.

Our Family & Friends

Of course. Always.

There are definitely things that I’ll miss about Dubai when we leave… but that list is for another time, another blog post. 😉


2 thoughts on “What I Miss About California

  1. Cynthia

    Animal style at In-N-Out. I still remember how happy you were that day and I believe my sun visor also attacked you if I remember correctly….

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