6 Months Later

Today, March 22nd, marks our 6th month living in Dubai. That’s right…

1/2 year

6 months

150 days

What an adventure it’s been, from California to the UAE:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.08.18 AM
Quick side note: Google Maps showed me that it’s a 19 1/2 hour flight (with an airline that does 1 stop), but Emirates Airline does a non-stop flight for 16 hours, which is the flight we took in September.

It feels like only weeks ago that we stepped off the plane in a daze, still not believing that we left home to move across the world. I was anxious to feel whether Dubai really was that hot, and I couldn’t wait to see the Burj Khalifa. I remember when I saw that huge, sparkly building for the first time, it still didn’t feel real. IMG_4502 And when I stepped out of our car, I realized, that, yep, Dubai really IS that hot. It was like 9 pm, and the heat was suffocating. Since then, I’ve seen sandstorms, warm rain and thunder storms, days that felt like a hot towel was pressed over my face and countless days where the weather just feels perfect… I’ve been to the world’s tallest building, shopped at the world’s biggest mall, played in the Persian Gulf, and kissed a penguin. 20140930_191218 It hasn’t always been easy, from getting my jet-lagged child used to the time change, to spending hours going to Oman for visa runs, to losing money when we bought a crappy Land Rover.

Still, 6 months in, it’s been an unbelievable journey. We still look around and say, “We can’t believe we live here.” It’s somewhere I never thought I would visit, let alone call my temporary home. Now all of us are officially residents of the United Arab Emirates! We have fancy ID cards and everything. When we’re back in California, I’m not sure what I’ll miss from Dubai (besides my husband, of course). Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. But only time will tell…


7 thoughts on “6 Months Later

  1. Erick Gutierrez

    Such a crazy and exciting post to read! 6 months is quite a long time, but I’m glad you’ve been able to experience so many unique things that aren’t in California (How big is the biggest mall? You’ve piqued my interest on that one!). Your photo of the Burj Khalifa is stunning. I am experiencing Dubai through your posts, so keep them coming!! 🙂

    1. Erick!!! ❤ I have a lot of photos on my FB! OMG Why are we not friends??!?! I just sent you a request! 😉 Besides Disneyland, the Dubai Mall is my favorite place ever! It's 4 stories with hundreds of stores… There's an ice rink, three-story waterfall display, the world's biggest aquarium, a Sega theme park, and a real dinosaur skeleton! It's really cool cause they play the Islam call to prayer for the whole mall to hear. Outside of the mall, there's the Dubai Fountains, which are like the Bellagio fountains on steroids. LOL I have video and tons of photos on my Facebook!

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