Of Waterslides and Lazy Rivers


Micah’s 3rd birthday celebrations continued when we visited Wild Wadi Waterpark on April 4th. We originally planned to visit Wild Wadi for Micah’s actual birthday on the 2nd, but thanks to the crazy sandstorm, IMG_5814we had to postpone our trip.

In the end, I’m so glad that we ended up following through with our plans to visit Wild Wadi (FYI, “wadi” means “valley” in Arabic). I’ve only been to a water park once (maybe twice?) in my life, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous to walk around in my bathing suit, but when you’re there, everyone is too concerned with their own fun to worry about who is wearing what. I was also a fool for thinking that I could keep my sunglasses on during this whole thing. I barely set foot on the play area when I was soaked from head to toe. Off go the sunglasses if you plan on actually seeing where you’re going!

As for the attractions, for kids under 1.1 meters (around 3 1/2 feet), there really isn’t too much to do beyond the lazy river, playground with waterslides, a huge wave pool, and a smaller pool area. But the lazy river was so relaxing and fun! Micah has a strange habit of falling asleep in his grandparents’ boat when it’s speeding down the lake, and he cracked us up when he was THISCLOSE to falling asleep while we rode the lazy river current… It was great to have the opportunity to chill for sometime and not have to worry about chasing Micah up and down the huge playground.


On the playground area, Micah was a little daredevil, going on the tallest waterslides by himself and impatiently waiting for one of us to go first so we could wait for him at the bottom. When Micah went first, he morphed into a patient little boy and clapped and cheered for us when we reached the bottom. It was hilarious to see him stop himself sometimes on the slide and scoot down! Of course, if people were waiting in line, then they didn’t find it so hilarious. 🙂

I’m so happy that Micah’s birthday plans worked out and that we all had a great time. When we come back from California in September, I definitely want to look into getting a pass for Wild Wadi, so we can continue our fun throughout the year!


2 thoughts on “Of Waterslides and Lazy Rivers

  1. Frances

    I love reading your blogs Laura. You’re an amazing writer. You’re stories makes one feel as if we’re there with you.

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