What I’ll Miss About Dubai

We’re only days away from going back to California, and although I couldn’t be happier to go home, there are a few things that I’ll miss about Dubai, my home for the past 7 months.

The Dubai Mall


I know there are malls in Southern California, but there’s nothing like the Dubai Mall. It’s the biggest mall in the world, but I don’t feel overwhelmed by it anymore. It feels almost homey to me; I think because when we first moved to Dubai, we only lived 1 Metro stop away from it, so Micah and I were at the mall at least twice a week since that was the only place I really felt comfortable going as a newcomer to Dubai.

I just love all of the stores, especially the gigantic bookstore, the Virgin Megastore (Yay!), and the huge toy stores. There are upscale boutiques (Dior Kids, anyone?), yet more budget-friendly places like the maze-like Daiso superstore stocked with tons of cheap goods imported from Japan. I love the adorable Pinocchio World store where you can buy wooden cuckoo clocks or other cute trinkets. There’s cuisine from all over the world, and even though I haven’t been too adventurous yet with trying different food, I appreciate that the opportunity is there!

I love that if you need a break from shopping, you can see a real dinosaur skeleton and the world’s largest aquarium.

I’m still fascinated that the call to prayer plays over the loudspeakers of the entire mall, but everyone just goes about their business. It’s something that happens multiple times a day and nobody makes a big deal out of it – it’s just life.


Our Neighborhood


We live only a few streets away from a shopping center that has a grocery store, a bookstore, a pizza place, a pharmacy, a hair salon, and a Marble Slab Creamery & All-American Cookie Co. (to name a few of the stores).  It’s great to be able to live within walking distance of so many helpful places, but even better is the walk over there. There’s a path that winds around a lake with fountains. There are tons of trees and greenery, with birds singing and calling to each other all around you. I enjoy seeing the crew of stray cats lazing about in the grass, being fed by other people in the neighborhood. It’s not an outrageous amount of cats, maybe around 8 so far, but I’m a total cat person, so I love it! Micah likes to meow to them too.

Sometimes after dinner, we walk down to treat ourselves to some ice cream, and Anthony & I talk about our days while Micah relaxes in his stroller and enjoys the scenery… I’ll miss that.

The Sights

I still marvel at the sights of the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. I remember what awe I felt seeing the Burj Khalifa for the first time, just a gigantic tower glistening in the night. Micah loves “the sparkles” that light up the Burj Khalifa, and sometimes he mistakingly calls it “the Eiffel Tower.” 🙂 IMG_4760

We also live very close to the Burj Al Arab, and, again, I can’t help but stare at this incredible building whenever I see it.


I’m only leaving for a few months, but I know that there will come a day where I will never see these buildings again.

Until then, I’ll stare at and appreciate them.

My Husband

More than anything, I’ll miss Anthony.


We talked about it over and over, reminding ourselves that the sacrifice of not being together for almost four months is worth it. It breaks my heart that we won’t be together for three really important days: Father’s Day, his birthday (July 10), and our first wedding anniversary (August 9). We’ll have a lifetime of these moments together though so that’s what we focus on. And we certainly know that things can be worse and people have been put in far more serious predicaments. We’re fortunate that this is just a temporary separation in a very safe and happy situation… I’ll be home with our family and Anthony will be working hard doing what he loves to do.

But I’m worried about Micah.

Micah is so attached to his daddy, asking about him while he’s at work and running down the hall to meet him when he gets home. Whenever Anthony sits on the couch, Micah runs to sit in his lap. Micah always requests, “Let’s play Batman, Daddy! Let’s get the bad guys!” He sits in Anthony’s lap and draws on his tablet – our future little 3D artist!

Anthony & Micah have so much fun together.

They’re best buddies.

I hope this separation isn’t too hard on the two loves of my life.



2 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss About Dubai

  1. Frances

    OMG Laura!!! You are a fabulous writer. The last part of your story touched my heart. We will all miss Tony, but Micah will miss his daddy most. Thank you for being in Tony’s life.

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