Cali to Dubai… to London!!!

This is such an exciting time for my little family, because, at Christmastime, we will be in LONDON!

We just purchased our plane tickets and hotel package for one-week in London in December. While I would love to see London in all of its springtime green glory, I’m excited to see it all dressed up for Christmas (my favorite holiday!).

I can’t wait to witness all of the history and sights that London has to offer, like…

The London Eye. 

The Making of Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros Studios.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.52.46 AM

St. Paul’s Cathedral. (where Princess Diana & Prince Charles were married)


I hope that I will be able to get tickets for the Christmas service at Westminster Abbey. How amazing would that be? I just want to SEE the church, because it’s beautiful and that’s where Prince William & Kate were married! ❤


Many of the museums in London are free, so I can’t wait to do some exploring of fantastic art. We also want to check out Winston Churchill’s War Rooms & the HMS Belfast, since Anthony is a huge history buff and likes that sort of stuff. I’m glad that we’re going to be there for a few days because that will give us time to really slow down and not feel rushed to see sights. If Micah throws a fit somewhere, we’ll just leave and get back to it another day. If we need to go back to our hotel midday to relax, we won’t feel pressured to stay out since we’ll be there a few more days. And we also have the possibility of visiting places like Stonehenge & Bath.

To say I’m super excited is an understatement! 🙂

Thank you to my amazing husband for making this dream a reality ❤ When we talked about how we would make this Christmas better than last year, he suggested, “Why not go to London?” Hey, WHY NOT!? Now it’s happening, and I can’t believe it!


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