VIP Treatment at the Discovery Cube


My best friend Cindy and I attended a VIP event at the newly opened Discovery Cube Science center in Los Angeles.  It was a private event, so Micah pretty much had the run of the place. We had the opportunity to explore and take our time with each exhibit, without worrying about crowds, and we had a fantastic time!

One of my favorite spots was the fake grocery store (of course 😉 ), where you can take your own shopping cart around and look for particular items throughout the store. The shopping carts are equipped with their own scanner and video screen that include a shopping game. The games are geared towards teaching kids about healthy eating. It was cool to see that there were 2 different games to play depending on your child’s age.

Part of the grocery store – as you can see, it was empty! The entire time we were there. lol

Once Micah got the hang of scanning the items (and seeing them pop up on our shopping cart’s little video screen), he was really excited about it. IMG_6553 However, the shopping game for the little kids was still too advanced for my little 3-year-old. For example, one of the questions involved checking out the tiny list of ingredients on cereal boxes and scanning the one that had “sugar” as the first ingredient. So Cindy and I had to let him know which items to scan, and he happily took charge!

And the fun in the Discovery Science Cube just kept coming… 🙂

Micah fell in love with a really interesting game about recycling. Competing against other people, you must choose the correct piece of recycled material or trash that the computer tells you. There are little stars on each game piece that you scan before either recycling it, or placing it back on the conveyer belt as trash. Each game is timed and every time you put the correct item in your recycling bin, your little trash truck moves forward until you win!


There are currently 2 different exhibits spotlighted at the Discovery Cube – Adventures with Clifford and Animal Grossology.


The Animal Grossology section was… well, gross! The photo here was a game where you had to guess which poop belonged to which animal. Told you! There were also areas where people can learn about blood and bugs that suck out blood / about fleas / about burping and farting / a cow’s intestinal tract / etc. Pretty much every gross thing that you can think of, you could learn about! I liked how the Discovery Cube took such ‘offensive’ and laughable material and made it educational. With all of the reading and such, Micah didn’t understand why he was playing certain games or what he was looking at, but I’m sure older kids will enjoy this exhibit!

The other key exhibit going on right now is focused on the little ones: a Clifford play area! I hadn’t formally introduced Micah to Clifford yet – haven’t read any books, watched him on TV, or played with any toys – but Micah loved him just the same. 🙂

I took lots of good photos of them together, but this is the one that I uploaded.


Micah had tons of fun playing in the Clifford play area too. This was probably the most crowded area of the entire museum. He spent at least an hour playing here and could have spent longer if I didn’t beg him to leave!


There were other areas too that I haven’t touched on, like an exhibit for the LA Kings hockey team and an area where you can feel an earthquake and step into a wind tunnel. You can find out about all of these areas on the Discovery Cube’s website. Micah just wasn’t interested in these areas because they seemed to be more for older kids. But this place is definitely worth looking into!

For the rest of the year, the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles has their tickets discounted to $10 per person. Considering all of the really fun and educational things there are for kids, it’s a fantastic deal! All in all, I would love to bring Micah here again when he’s a little older.

TIP: there’s also a HUGE playground and park right outside the Discovery Cube. Another perfect place for the kids to wind down before the ride home.

It’s a perfect day. 🙂

they take your picture at the end of the grocery store game 🙂

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