Journey to The Lost Chambers in Atlantis


Anthony had the day off for the Islamic New Year, so we decided to do something fun and check out The Lost Chambers Aquarium at the Atlantis resort. I admit that I was a little nervous, since our last trip to an aquarium  was pretty stressful. However, I had nothing to fear because we had a great time together discovering The Lost Chambers!

We arrived at the aquarium about an hour after it opened on Thursday, and it wasn’t crowded at all. With our UAE Resident discount, we only paid about $20 for adult admission. Right away, I appreciated The Lost Chambers’ roomy design as opposed to the cramped Dubai Mall aquarium. Here, there was so much more room to walk around and not bump into people. They even had little pillows on the floor, inviting guests to actually relax and enjoy the views.

20151015_110617IMG_7381Micah’s favorite fish were probably these humongous groupers —> Micah shouted, “Those are the biggest fish I’ve ever seen!” He was so excited that they were bigger than him AND his mama!

And I think that I came to the conclusion that my favorite underwater creature is a sting ray. I mean, look at them! IMG_7344I love how it looks like their little faces are underneath their body. 🙂 We saw a HUGE sting ray here that covered practically half the aquarium glass. We’d never seen anything like it!

One really cool area was a creepy small hallway where you’re surrounded by huge live lobsters! They’re even in tanks above your head! Eeek! There were also tanks filled with dazzling fluorescent jellyfish, illuminated in different colors. 20151015_105817This area was dark in order to give the full effect of the colorful jellyfish, so Micah didn’t want to stay in this part for long. He kept telling me, “Mama, let’s get out of here. Let’s leave this aquarium…” I had to rush him out before he completely lost his cool, but he immediately piped up when we entered a brighter room.

We took our time and spent about 2 hours exploring The Lost Chambers, including about 20 minutes where we just sat and watched the sharks, sting rays, and tons of fish swim around. It was really cool to see people snorkeling and even scuba-diving in the aquarium too! We really wanted to stay as long as Micah was happy, but we could have probably left after about an hour or so. We weren’t in a rush and it wasn’t crowded, so we relaxed and really enjoyed ourselves.
Overall, we had a fantastic time at The Lost Chambers, and I can’t wait to go back! 20151015_114042We’ll definitely return when Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant opens at the Atlantis sometime soon. Although this aquarium didn’t have as many exhibits where you could touch animals (and there wasn’t as great a variety), I still enjoyed the Lost Chambers more than the Dubai Mall aquarium. I think I’ll need to go back to the Dubai Mall when it’s not so crowded, just so I can make a more informed decision… oh, the things I must do in the name of research! 😉


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