5 Things I Can’t Wait To See In London

1. The Disney Christmas Tree at St. Pancras train station

Behold, a 45-foot Christmas tree made entirely of 2,000 cuddly, precious Disney characters!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.24.10 PM
Photo courtesy of Yahoo Lifestyle

I’m all about Disney, all the time, in any shape or form. We visited Disneyland before Anthony left us to go back to Dubai in the summer, and I went to Downtown Disney a few times before coming back to Dubai, including a fantastic trip to Goofy’s Kitchen.

I admit, I give my mom all the credit for finding this Disney jewel in the middle of London. With all of my hours dedicated to researching things to do in London, I hadn’t seen this one, and I still have yet to see it on any of the news sites that I frequent.The secret is certainly out though, evident by the numerous photos you can now find on Instagram of London locals making the trip to check out this beautiful Disney-fied tree!

This is WAY UP THERE on my list of things to do in London, and I can’t wait to see my son’s face when we see this up close and personal!

It’s everything I never knew I needed this Christmas season.

Read more about the Disney Christmas tree here.

2. Westminster Abbey

Due to some excellent practice of purchasing lots of concert tickets the very second they’re released online, I managed to get us free tickets to attend Christmas services at Westminster Abbey.


And to be in the same place where a royal wedding happened! I can’t even describe how excited I am to be in such a historic place, especially since Prince William and Kate were married here!

Courtesy of Telegraph UK
Courtesy of Daily Mail UK

3. Harry Potter Studio Tour

I already know I’m going to cry when I step into the studios where the Harry Potter films were made. They’re my favorite books in the world, and even if the movies aren’t the best, they’re still a gateway into the magical world that J.K. Rowling created. It’ll be spectacular to see the world of Harry Potter all dressed up with Christmas cheer!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.21.43 PM
Courtesy of WB Studio

My aunt just went here a few months ago and she said that whoever is celebrating their birthday gets to open the doors of the Great Hall. My birthday is a few days before our trip, and I don’t care if I need to shove a child out of the way, I’M OPENING THAT DAMN DOOR!!! Sorry, I’ll compose myself. I will be polite and let everyone know that I’m celebrating my birthday and lightly nudge any stragglers out of the way. πŸ™‚

4. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

I’m a huuuuuuuge Spice Girls fan, not ashamed one iota to admit it! Since I was a kid, London always equaled the Spice Girls.

There is no way I’m stepping foot in the UK without seeking out something, anything that pertains to my favorite girl group in the world, and the one place that made my Girl Power senses tingle was the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel AKA the place where the Spice Girls filmed their first music video “Wannabe”!

I’m going there, particularly to the stairs where they busted out with the most adorably choreographed dance ever.

Check out the infamous stairs starting at 1:30…

Depending on how much I’ve drank at the pub, I may or may not bust out with this dance on that staircase.

And I’m also going to visit Victoria Beckham’s clothing store and Instagram-stalk Geri Halliwell (my favorite Spice Girl!) to see if she’s anywhere around me.

I’m not ashamed, people. Not ashamed!

5. Buckingham Palace

My desire to see Buckingham Palace completely started with my mom, the most passionate Angliophile I know. I think she was a Brit in another life. My mom shares a name with Queen Elizabeth (or the ‘Queen Mum,’ as she calls her, no matter how many times we laugh at her πŸ˜› ), and she proudly uses words like “queue,” “loo,” and “wait a ‘mo.” She loves anything with the Union Jack and will watch anything as long as one of the actors has a British accent. It’s definitely one of the most unique and endearing things about my mom, and my fascination with the royal family is rooted with my mom teaching us about the world ‘across the pond’ since we were little.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.02.14 PM
Courtesy of Royal Collection site

As I travel around London, the #1 person who will be on my mind and heart is my mom. I hope that one day we can go on a London adventure together! ❀


For me, going to London isn’t just a regular tourist check on a bucket list.

It’s a place that I’ve never been to, yet holds such an emotional part of my heart. This is so much more to me than just a vacation. For me, it’s a chance to experience a world that I’ve loved since I was a child, the worlds of the Spice Girls and Harry Potter and Princess Diana and the royal family. Not to mention the countless monuments of history that still stand today in a modern city… I can’t believe we’re going to experience all of that!

I think Joey Tribibani from Friends sums it up best:



6 thoughts on “5 Things I Can’t Wait To See In London

  1. Frances

    London…the journey of a lifetime!
    I can’t wait to hear the wonderful stories when you three return. Again, another great blog from you Laura. I love the fact you’re so expressive and make each one of us feel like we’re there with you!!!

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I had fun writing it. Talking with you and Uncle Frank really helped me create my list too! I didn’t even get to mention the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory tea or all the street food we’re going to eat. πŸ˜‰ We’re so looking forward to seeing everything London has to offer. Can’t wait to share after our trip!

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