International Kite Festival {Part 2}

I’ve completely slacked on my blog. This I know. It was a mixture of planning for our London trip, going to London, and then coming back to Dubai and having lots of visitors with short times in between. However, I’m going to try to get back in the groove of this whole writing thing… starting…. now!


The International Kite Festival took place this weekend, and we were able to share the experience with my cousin Audrina and her daughter Remy, who are currently visiting us from California. It was a delightful coincidence that they were here the same weekend as the Festival, because it was unexpectedly rescheduled from January to March.

Audrina & Remy and Anthony & Micah playing in the ocean

After waiting more than a year for the 2016 festival, we really couldn’t wait to see all of the amazing kites and play on the beach all day. Our hopes were high, because Anthony & I agree that last year’s event was the best thing that we’ve done here in Dubai. Thankfully, everything was just as fantastic as we remembered it!


Way more people attended the festival this year, but we were able to score a great spot by the ocean – right next to huge dolphin, teddy bear, and whale kites! There were lots of different food stalls selling various cuisines and extra places for kids to play (if the ocean isn’t enough, I guess).Β IMG_6367 Those who didn’t want to play on the beach were able to enjoy bounce houses and slides and areas with arts & crafts and face painting. As we left, Chuck E. Cheese himself was walking onto the sand, ready to party!

We also really enjoyed watching the massive amount of kite surfers that took over one side of the beach. It was amazing to see the winds lift them off the ocean and into the air for a few seconds. What a rush that must be… not sure if I’ll ever try that out to feel it for myself though. πŸ˜‰


This event of course made us want to splurge and purchase a huge kite, but with many of the prices STARTING at $2000, it will probably never happen. Since we can’t take one home with us, we are determined to look for kite festivals in California and hope that they live up to the spectacle of Dubai’s International Kite Festival! πŸ™‚


Our family photo, taken at the end of the day. πŸ™‚ Micah started feeling sick and sleepy, so we headed home after over 5 hours of beach time.



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