KidZania at the Dubai Mall

Y U NO GUY says it best.

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Kidzania has to be one of the coolest places ever! WHY isn’t it in America? WHY did I have to travel across the world in order to discover such an amazing place for kids? There are Kidzania’s all over the world from London to Cairo to Tokyo. And BONUS: the franchise was founded by a Mexican guy. ^_^

Our Kidzania is located in the Dubai Mall, and it’s basically a huge city that’s run by kids. Children can earn money (called “Kidzos”) for doing various jobs (over 80 to choose from). You can also spend Kidzos to participate in different activities, like performing karaoke in a “club” or painting a mural.

At the Kidzania Beauty Salon, a child could either earn Kidzos money working as a makeup artist, hair stylist, or nail artist, or spend their hard-earned Kidzos as a customer and get their makeup, hair, or nails done.

20160322_130214At the gas station, Kids could choose to be a ‘car mechanic’ or gas station attendant to earn money, or pay to ride their car around a track (because drivers need to pay money for their gas, right?).

Here’s an example of how the activities were described:


See the wide range of jobs that are available?

There were SO MANY JOBS- UPS delivery person, police officer, firefighter,20160322_133017 radio DJ, dentist, painter, paramedic (the kids got to drive around in an ambulance! so cute), grocery store clerk, journalist (whoop whoop!), museum archivist, model, business entrepreneur, chef, construction worker – just to name a few! I loved that kids could be able to dabble in anything that they wanted and, hopefully, gain an appreciation for how hard everyone works to maintain a city.

The “Kidzos” that kids earned can then be spent to purchase real toys available at Kidzania. And these aren’t cheap Chuck E. Cheese plastic. They’re legit toys courtesy of “The Best Toy Store In The World” – Hamley’s!

Parents can also spend real money for food and drinks for their kids, but with a fun, Kidzania twist. Like at McDonald’s, parents pay real money for a Happy Meal, but then their child can suit up, head behind the counter, and make their own! There’s a little Ski20160322_133031pper with his hat, gloves, and apron putting together his own Happy Meal in the photo on the right.

There’s also a pizza place where parents pay real money to give their child the opportunity to prepare and bake their own pizza. A milkshake factory allows kids to prep their own smoothie or milkshake too! Unfortunately, the Coca Cola Factory was closed when we went, but kids are able to enter the bottling factory to help bottle their own soda.

Play times are separated into two separate 6-hour blocks – the morning session (10 am to 4 pm) and the evening session (5 pm – 11 pm). Families can easily spend the entire 6-hour schedule here, and it’s a definite MUST DO for all Dubai kids, whether visitors or residents.

Hidden in the Kidzania website, it says “Kidzania United States” is a future location, but there’s no info where it is or when it’s opening…






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