Meeting The Master Chef *Gordon Ramsay* at Bread Street Kitchen

Friday brunch in Dubai is the social event of the week, so of course it took us 2 years before we finally got down to attending one. And our first may very well be our last, because it was the best experience ever.

The best news first – we met Gordon Ramsay!


I was a little bummed out that Micah wanted nothing to do with Gordon, but, as you can see, Anthony & I are thrilled! 🙂 Micah was tired and anxious to go to the Atlantis Aquarium (you get in free if you attend Friday brunch at Bread Street). Just another day for Micah Aguilar… meeting one of the most famous chefs in the world. No big deal, right? 🙂 But Gordon was really nice, asking Micah’s name and age and encouraging Micah to smile at the camera. As you can see, Micah won’t even listen to the Master Chef. *sigh*

When we first heard that Gordon Ramsay was returning to Dubai to celebrate his restaurant Bread Street Kitchen’s one year anniversary at the Atlantis resort, Anthony & I decided that now was the time to try Friday brunch and try to meet Gordon! img_9606Anthony used his fantastic artistic skills to create some art for Gordon (see the featured image above), and we crossed our fingers that we would get lucky enough to meet him.

While we waited anxiously to see if we could meet Gordon, we indulged in a fantastic meal. Brunch was really delicious!

We were brought an array of hot appetizers, like tamarind chicken drumsticks (yummy), fish balls (didn’t try), and sliders (our favorite!). Besides the hot appetizers,  there were also buffet tables with various cheeses, crackers, cured meats, and breads, along with fancier bites like spicy tuna deviled eggs, DIY Caesar salad, mini lobster rolls, shrimp salad (tasted like ceviche), and caprese salad (delicious!). img_9656We tried duck liver pâté for the first time too, and it tasted creamy and really heavy… what I imagine bacon fat would taste like if I spread it on toast? lol  I think the pâté is definitely an acquired taste though. I took a small bite and that was enough for me.

A guitarist playing modern hits provided live entertainment, and there was tons of fun stuff for kids too. There was a bounce house, a couple of carnival games, and an arts and crafts area where kids could decorate their own coffee mugs. I also got an air-brushed tattoo, which you can see in our photo with Gordon. 😛

After taking Micah outside to play, an employee came to stand by our table, and we showed him the gift that we brought for Gordon. Just so happens, that man was Bread Street Kitchen’s maître d’ Chris – one of the head honchos of the place! He was so impressed with Anthony’s work and immediately offered to bring Gordon over to meet us. Mission accomplished!

img_9650We ended up being brought into the back of the kitchen to meet Gordon. He was a class act! He immediately asked Anthony his name, shook his hand, and said, “Thank you for my present. It’s amazing!” We chatted a few minutes more and took photos, then left the kitchen as quickly as we came in.

When Anthony & I went back to our table, still in disbelief over what just happened, Chris came back with a present for us. Gordon’s brand new Bread Street Kitchen cookbook – complete with another autograph from the chef! This is the perfect souvenir for an unforgettable afternoon with Gordon Ramsay.

If only all Friday brunches could be so fantastic. 🙂img_9651




3 thoughts on “Meeting The Master Chef *Gordon Ramsay* at Bread Street Kitchen

  1. Maria Aguilar

    How freakin’ EXCITING!! Great job Tony! You all look good, even Micah looking down! lol Miss you guys. Hugs & kisses to you! Love you, Auntie Maria

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